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Bishop Curry.jpgEpiscopal Presiding Bishop Curry’s sermon, at Harry and Meghan’s Saturday wedding? Wonderful. Or Waffle? As usual, I think Christians mis-read society. This sermon was… Both. At 14 minutes it felt long. It was MLK-lite derivative. Lots and lots about love. Sure, some good stuff here. But don’t Muslims, Hindus, agnostics and atheists love too? And sometimes, sacrificially too? And considering how little was said on the embodiment, the very visualisation and representation of God’s love – Jesus, the sermon could have been preached by any Theist. And perhaps that was so under Prince Charles’ direction??



Salvator_Mundi.jpgShock 1: $450 million for a painting.  World record shocks many.
Shock 2: Portrait of Jesus as Saviour of The World, bought by Saudi Arabia, stalwarts of Muslim conservatism.

On 15 November 2017, this modest but enigmatic portrait by Leonardo da Vinci was auctioned for a massive $450.3 million setting a new world record.  The painting will be loaned to The Louvre in Abu Dhabi.  The painting is titled “Salvator Mundi”, or in English “Saviour of the World”.  A mysterious Jesus is blessing the viewer with his right hand and in his left, is a transparent globe, representing the cosmos.  Just the thing you’d expect a Saudi Arabian prince to buy?


John Lewis wellbeing

New Year – new me. Well the Church calendar of set readings had me preaching last Sunday on Good News to the Poor.  Jesus opens his work with “Good News to the Poor. Liberty to the Captives. Sight to the Blind. Freedom to the Oppressed.” Goodness, that’s strong stuff.  Meanwhile, on the same day John Lewis sends me a booklet with another vision, and not a bad one either.  RE:NEW.ALL.  with the message “Time for renewal – feel healthier in your mind, body and spirit”.  Well – I’ll say yes to that too.

It is an odd choice.  Just compare (more…)


At the front door, we cried out “trick-or-treat”, then uttered ghoul like shrieks and wails.  Our hosts for this party we were attending opened the door, and then were confused.  They saw I and my wife doing this “ironically”.  But also were confronted by a gaggle of kids doing this for real, who had opportunistically come up behind us.

“Ironic” yes.  But “for real”?  Well perhaps not.  No one does Halloween for real.  Do they.  It’s (more…)

Something for free? Two Saturdays ago we were giving things away. In the morning, there was little interest. In the afternoon there was a clamour for more. The reason was not the time, nor the people, but in the gift.

Two Saturdays ago it was World Book Day (see We were one of the 20,000 participants, signing up for a book giveaway last autumn.  We had selected Mohsin Hamid’s “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and had 48 copies to give away; to our neighbours, to the Bromley Ecumenical Singers where Bill is a first Bass, to church members, to colleagues at work. That Saturday there was a concert, and at the afternoon rehearsal I offered 20 copies to choir and orchestra members. I expected to have 10 copies left after an hour. But in less than 5 minutes – all were gone. Woosh. Perhaps it is explicable. Choir and orchestra members are usually serious readers, often retired and on lower incomes. So an offer to 60 people of 20 copies of a brand new copy of a modern but accessible novel could be expected to go, and go fast.

And the other gift? That very morning we went on our own knocking on doors in our parish. It is part of the church’s efforts at low key evangelism, just letting the community know what’s on offer at their doorstep, with a leaflet and a few words. Of the 84 dwellings we visited, we got no response from 67.  (more…)

Wanda in conversation after the serviceCommunity, kinship, clan – big things in Uganda. All gone in UK? Well, Bill got a surprise in a recent church visit to St Mary’s in Hayes, Kent. We know a couple at the church well, from days of old, and went to their son’s wedding at St Mary’s Hayes. Bill lived locally (more…)