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Overdone – Or not over yet?  Opinions differ and many are talking liberties with the law.  Let us consider the numbers.  This is the blog that can look at the long term and have a guess at the final figures.

UK daily Covid 19 infections in recent months.  Big jump since August

Infections have exploded across UK and rest of Europe for the last three months.  They are now falling, but are still high.  It is worth bearing in mind that when Lockdown 1 ended, UK infections were ~3000 daily, not around 15,000 now, as Lockdown 2 draws to an end.

However, vaccinations are on their way, and so normal days will return after.  But how soon after?  We are told to expect vaccinations to start in December, but the massive numbers not till mid January.  Nevertheless there are 10.4 million over 65s and all these could be vaccinated before Easter, reducing infections by 35% and deaths by 89%.  The post Lockdown 2 improvement and benefits of the initial vaccinations will be will be offset by the Covid surge following the six day Christmas mixing.  Yes, expect a spike in Jan/Feb.


New Year.jpgWell?  Have you made yours yet?  Or made any?  New Year resolutions, that is.  That was the question that was put to me by Dave[1] last night.  Or early this morning to be accurate.

He cheerily told me that he once made a list , lost it, and months later found the list and discovered he’d met his resolutions.  Well done him.  But I can’t say I have made any.  No gym membership beckons.  No diet, yes the Christmas cake gets no reprieve.  No hair implants (not this year anyhow).


millennial-christmas.jpgLet’s hear it for tat?  Millennials are buying non-traditional Christmas decorations this season – choosing to decorate their trees with unicorns and mermaids rather than tinsel, new research has found.[i]  The research found that 45% of the UK’s households will be overlooking Santa Claus and his reindeer in favour of more interesting decor.

Unicorns will also be nestled amidst tree branches leading up to Christmas as 24% of the 2,000 people surveyed said they plan to decorate with the mythical creatures.  Others from the younger generation have decided they will express their Christmas spirit through mermaid, dinosaur, and prosecco bottle ornaments.



As the prisoners come in, they wish me “Happy Christmas”.  Many of them anyway, and with cheery grins.  I was surprised.  They were glad to see us doing music for the Christmas Eve service.  Glad that there was something on for Christmas, glad to be glad-handed.

Trouble over Christmas period in prisons?  Perhaps in HMP Cardiff yesterday.  Not where I’ve been.  I’ve been inside twice this month, including Christmas Eve.  There was more natter than normal, and it had an “edge”.  Yet, no more than that.


Those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,
on them has light shined, for unto us a child is born, a son is given.”
We are in darkness here, oh God
miserable being here this Christmas.
Want to be home at this time.
We are not home. Yet…. we are not alone.

May we be the light that shined on:
.     mates on the Wings – encouragement
.          wife on the phone – a truly listening ear
.               kids in the Visitors Centre – sweet words.
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
and ransom your captive people (more…)