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Legal                                    Illegal

From la nation de l’amour, in the name of liberté, egalité, et fraternité  – take if all off ! (well almost all).  French local councils vow to maintain the ban on Islam appropriate swimwear.  You are at liberté to take it all off, but not at liberté to have it all on.

In UK it is an easy laugh at the land of ooo la la! France seeking to uncover women on their beaches.  The French ideal of Laïcité was made to look totalitarian (again).  Meanwhile in UK, these garments are stocked by major retailers (M&S, House of Fraser, even Sports Direct).



Close togetherness – getting about in Haiti

When I work in a place like Haiti, I met people who are quite different.   Duh – no surprise then.  Ah – but that included the expats.  There’s not just the obvious Expat-Haitian difference.  But also sundry Brits, Americans of various parts, Swiss, Germans.  Kids (defn: people younger than my kids), grandfathers (the guy I meet in the mirror) , long marrieds, singles, etc. Bizarrely, understanding is more accident prone where I share a common mother tongue but where the backgrounds are different.  Why? Because I think I understand, but I understand less than I think.  Where no offense is meant, offence is unwittingly served – hot and pungent.



John Lewis wellbeing

New Year – new me. Well the Church calendar of set readings had me preaching last Sunday on Good News to the Poor.  Jesus opens his work with “Good News to the Poor. Liberty to the Captives. Sight to the Blind. Freedom to the Oppressed.” Goodness, that’s strong stuff.  Meanwhile, on the same day John Lewis sends me a booklet with another vision, and not a bad one either.  RE:NEW.ALL.  with the message “Time for renewal – feel healthier in your mind, body and spirit”.  Well – I’ll say yes to that too.

It is an odd choice.  Just compare (more…)

Oklahoma prison pics on Facebook

“Prisoners on Instagram reveal security crisis behind bars” so said Channel 4 earlier this year.  Yes, it is an issue.  But for most prisoners, they don’t want it.

Pictures in prison? A serious non no.  I’ve seen it done. Had my picture taken in prison, and not just be a security camera either.  But it’s usually forbidden. No camera, no mobiles, nada.  Prison authorities don’t like it.  They don’t want the publicity for well known offenders being put on Facebook accounts or in the papers.  They don’t want to make public that “Slasher” Jones has been moved from HMP Newgate to HMP Sarum.  Photos have been taken of prison (more…)

prison wing 2

Twenty prisoners file into the room. There is a low murmur as they sit and look around. They look at you. Fear and trembling. There is one prison officer sitting in the back, staring into space. It’s just another day for him – but not for you.

The prisoners – what are they like? You will be meeting them every week now for six weeks. Would you buy a car from them? Would you want to date any one of them? Would you want to go clubbing with them? No. No. No. They look the part – the usual mix: black/white/other/mixed; tall and beefy / sallow and skinny; baggy prison garb with odd extras; all male of course, but in this case mostly 20’s and 30’s, but not exclusively so. (more…)