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Jeering crowd

Everybody laughed when I told them
I wanted to follow you, I wanted to follow you

Everybody grinned they teased me bad
God, Jesus, Bible, I must be effing mad
Everybody laughed till they were blue
They didn’t believe your words were true
Would cost me everything
Right now, this life’s not worth anything


Newbie Trustee

Tap on the shoulder. That’s how I became a Trustee and Treasurer. I had originally wanted to become a trustee and treasurer of a new cutting edge charity with big vision. I applied and was accepted – but an unexpected build up of work prevented me taking the role. A year later I got the metaphorical “tap on the shoulder” from a friend. And as Trustee and Treasurer, I joined an old charity that was no longer in step with the current needs, and was reputedly cosy and genteel. All the things I didn’t want.



It’s in the news. And I’m in a Muslim country. I want my religion hot. Nothing lukewarm, nothing tepid. The Gambia is 90% Muslim, so I thought I’d ask about extremist religion. Ahmad was all for it. “Jihad is all about telling people, proclaiming to people the Almighty’s Word to all peoples.” Well – in a way, I’m up for that too, as an idea. I asked “what about Boko-Haram in Nigeria, and the violence going on in Mali? Not that far away really.” Did he want that kind of religion? “No, no, no. The time for violent jihad is over. When The Prophet was attacked he had to fight to defend himself. Then he returned to Mecca in victory. Then it was all over. Now is the time for the jihad of the proclamation.”