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The Martian gardener

Every film has a world view.  Every film.  Some are so obvious that to call theirs a “World View” is to give “The World” a bad name.  “The Martian” has one and it’s not subtle.  Man As Hero.  Could say “human as hero” but this film is largely bloky in tenor if not in casting.  I was going out on a date, and the other half enjoyed the drama, the panorama, and just the niceness of “going out”. As I did.

No spoilers here – Matt Damon does what Matt Damon usually does and he does it well.  The film looks good.  It is easy to hear too (not too much woosh and bang).  There is humour as well as drama – just watch the trailer and it’ll tell you all you need to know.


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Use your Excel macros skills to help a hospital in Haiti.  L’Hôpital Convention Baptiste d’Haïti (HCBH) works for the poor in northern Haiti, in Cap-Haitien.  I am analysing data from the still new cashiers procedures.  I am getting 12-14,000 records per month on Excel.  The problem I want help on, is that no distinction is made between primary service and secondary services.  (more…)

Ranulph Fiennes Launches Winter Antarctic Crossing Expedition

Ranulph Fiennes in Antarctica

“Although I have this faith, it isn’t enough to fight crotch rot.” Really?  That’s what ace explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, said at the recent Cheltenham Literary Festival.  Should we be disappointed?  Crotch Rot, and other manifestations of Ringworm are not hazards that I face at work, but it is in his line of business.  And he says that faith is a key factor in his success as an explorer, and explorers in general.  In extreme circumstances, such as when he fell into a crevasse, religion (more…)

Creeping Up Personal

Creeping Up Personal

Relief workers weren’t allowed to board the plane in Miami to Haiti until after signing a declaration regarding photography.  No pics without permission, and then – only for medical or academic purposes.  That was not long after the earthquake, in response to so many snaps ending up on Facebook.  On my first trip to Haïti I was keen to take pictures.  Another country, another culture, interesting people and places.  But no – I was instructed: no photos without permission; beware of taking images in public, there could be violence.