Bill Lovett

Bill Lovett

So much said is about the Outside. Less about the Inside. Here, we are giving some expression to the journey inside. Inside prison. Inside another culture.  Inside our religious life. Inside the heart. Inside … (a feast of clichés?).

I have worked in various places in London, Pakistan, Nepal, Uganda, India, Haiti. In southwest Uganda from 2008-10 I was the Finance Manager for Kisiizi Hospital.  Managing cash flow in tight circumstances; developing donor relations; improving internal financial reporting. Then to India to for a shorter time.  Back in UK again, I was Head of Resources and Company Secretary for Prison Fellowship from 2011-2015.  I am now working for Hope Health Action, developing management information systems for Hospital Convention Baptiste d’Haiti.  As a licensed Anglican Lay Reader, I am involved in preaching and leading services in church, in UK and in Haiti, and regularly lead a team into prison.  See also CFG Profile

Come Inside.  Then things Outside will be seen …. differently.

February 2018