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Into The Disaster Zone

Posted: 7 October 2016 in Haiti
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3ac59468-2557-4de0-84e8-a2784b651707The situation in Haiti continues to reveal the harrowing impact of Hurricane Michael – gone but not forgotten.  The death toll in Haiti goes up and up as they pull bodies out of the rubble and the sea. Watch the BBC footage. First responders into SW Haiti have found…’80% of homes damaged and crops destroyed.’  Tragically, there are still many locations still out of communication and still with no access.  Including NW Haiti, not too far from our hospital.


Old news. But still good news.

Posted: 20 February 2014 in Prisons
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Deficit to Surplus

Overall, there was a net surplus in 2012/13 of £122,528. This compares well with a deficit of £2,700 in 2011/12 and £195,000 in 2010/11. As a result Prison Fellowship was able to increase its reserves away from the inadequate level they had fallen to in the last two years.


In UK, the rhetoric of The Big Society has gone stale. The charity sector was quite wary of it even when it was fresh. Now it has become jaundiced of it all. Nevertheless, volunteers remain the muscle of most charitable activity. Within an English based charity, the motives for seeking volunteers are a mix of opportunism and vision. But so are the motives for offering to become a volunteer. But go to a developing nation, and the mix becomes stronger, the contrasts greater.

An article written a while back has now been put on the blog as a page in the Management section. It lays out some of the issues. As a caution to the confident, and a help to the anxious.