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HCBH surgery

Haitian doctor outside his posh office yesterday.  Just saved man with serious head injury

Last night I and the Hospital team in Haiti sweated it out in a long Zoom meeting.  Trying to get the Hospital’s income and expenditure to balance.  In the face of economic recession and falling Hospital income, increased medical costs caused by Covid-19.  And of course, Covid-19 itself.  These Hospital leaders are good people, but the meeting ended with no solution, no balanced budget.  They just cannot believe we cannot tap into UK donations and UK foreign aid.

But friends, UK foreign aid is at the moment nowhere to be seen.  My colleagues in Hope Health Action have been active.  UK Government overseas aid (DfID) have put aside millions to help tackle Covid-19 in poor countries.  DfID said to us – apply.  Then last week DfID said, just wait a minute….  Yesterday we found out why.


Cummings JohnsonNon, je ne regretted rien♫ says Dominic Cummings.  He says he was correct, he used legitimate judgement, that the public should understand him, once they hear his explanations.  He has offered no resignation and Boris has not asked for one.  He has provoked anger at the one rule for them and another for us ‘little people’. Professors Stephen Reicher, says efforts to control the virus have been damaged.  Reicher is an adviser on a key Government Influenza pandemic group.  He said on 25th:



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I’m trying to work this out for myself, too.

There’s calls for more of it.  With each unveiling of a bit more detail, we want more.  Can I go to work – I could it seems, but as I can get by at home, I won’t go in.  Can I drive 8 miles to see my daughter – I could, but I’ll have to stand at 2 meters.  So I can go for a jog very soon, and pop out to post a later to catch the post.  As of tomorrow – yes.  And from tomorrow, my chum Luke can install electrical improvements, as well as doing emergency repairs.  Need more “clarity”? (more…)

coronavirus-Christians.jpgHundreds of thousands dead and millions in fear, economies and schools at a standstill, Where is God then?  Atheists say God died long before the virus came a visiting.  They say there is no basic good and evil.  There is no special sacrifice of love by Key Workers, other than a self-interested group decision to defend a wider collective.  There is no purpose, no meaning, no hope.  Well that fits neither ancient wisdom, the understanding of the major religions, nor the enduring hope expected by Jesus[ii].

Is this divine punishment
God’s judgement on some because they are wicked, while the not-wicked live.  This kind of story gets peddled by fringe groups and rebroadcasted by the media as it makes wonderful copy.  Jesus and his teaching is dismissive of such claims.  (more…)

Passing Peak

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C19 daily.jpgPast the peak?  Yes we have.  I said in an earlier posting, on 6th April, that we’d peak and then plateau for 2-3 weeks and so we have.  The worst day was 10th April (8681 new infections), and UK was on a rough plateau of over 5000 new hospital infections 5th to 19th April.  It will be a case of swift ascent but slower decent.