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That foot?  I’m running the London 10k on Sunday


Tied to a tree- to save his life

9th July.  And my feet will kill me.  That refugee’s foot – it will kill him.  The malnourished disabled boy is tied to a tree by his mother so he does not run off and die a lonely death.  So he can be kept near to when the food arrives. I’m running.  So that Hope Health Action can ensure food get’s to the refugee camp in South Sudan.  His mum ties the poor lad to a tree, so he’s not running.  So he can eat what we will send him.

Help me to run for my life – so he can just keep his.


Disability campaign. Handbike Relay to Switzerland starts in Bromley

Handbike Relay to Switzerland starts in Bromley

Two teams in low low slung bikes, hand propelled, take off onto the busy A roads of England Hand-powered against the lorries, busses and trucks. Madness!

This morning I joined the crowd to wave off two small teams taking on an ambitious 1,000km Handbike relay from London to Switzerland, to raise funds for disability work in Haiti.  Coping with disability is hard enough in the developed world, but in Haiti, people with disabilities are often seen as ‘worthless’ with little access to health care and no place in society. 98% of people with disabilities in the developing world don’t have access to rehabilitation.