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Take your kids to see Damien Hurst’s little house of horrors? Rotting heads?  Pools of blood?  Insects being electrocuted  before your very eyes? Yes – take them. I was amazed that there were a lot of families with primary school age kids there, and they loved the animal stuff.

Dear old Damien is peddling a gothic sense of the ghoulish. It would be Victorian melodramatic, but considering his age and his sense of the (more…)

“The Sycamore Tree course was not only the most relevant and important part of my rehabilitation; it was, without a doubt, the vital step on my journey towards Jesus. My life was an emotionless, asocial, dark tale of criminality, heroin addiction and prison. I never concerned myself with the consequences of my lifestyle; my victims were faceless and without feelings. I failed to acknowledge their existence; they became mere objects to be ignored or perhaps hated. (more…)