Running For A Life

Posted: 29 May 2017 in Disability, Poverty, South Sudan
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That foot?  I’m running the London 10k on Sunday


Tied to a tree- to save his life

9th July.  And my feet will kill me.  That refugee’s foot – it will kill him.  The malnourished disabled boy is tied to a tree by his mother so he does not run off and die a lonely death.  So he can be kept near to when the food arrives. I’m running.  So that Hope Health Action can ensure food get’s to the refugee camp in South Sudan.  His mum ties the poor lad to a tree, so he’s not running.  So he can eat what we will send him.

Help me to run for my life – so he can just keep his.

Our Hope Health Action South Sudan local operations are based in Kajo-Keji.  Around 50,000 people from this region were displaced to northern Uganda, including members of our team.  However, some internally displaced people (IDP) have sought to remain in South Sudan, temporarily living in a camp in the outskirts of Kajo-Keji controlled by The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement In Opposition.  Despite some other NGO efforts, the IDP camp in Kajo-Keji is facing an urgent need for emergency food rations for the most vulnerable and tools to equip the successful harvesting of crops in the forthcoming raining season.

We are now responding to this unfolding need, setting up a project with The Baptist Convention of South Sudan to provide 100 households with emergency food rations for 3 months as well as providing tools and seeds to commence with their own food production.   This project will distribute emergency food rations (Maize, Beans, Oil and Salt) to 100 households, identified as the most vulnerable.  Each household will also receive Sauce Pans, Cups, Plates, Buckets, and Jerry Cans, as well as the following farming tools to enable them to harvest Ground Nut, Maize, Sorghum, Sesame, and Cassava Stalk:  Hoe, Machete, Slasher, Rake, Gum Boots.  These tools and seeds will enable families to utilise the rainy season and to develop their capacity to produce food.  We will ensure under a partnership agreement with The Baptist Convention of South Sudan, that the robust monitoring processes are in place to evaluate the project and report appropriately to stakeholders on the project’s accountability.

One of the central aims of this project is to equip and empower internally displaced people (IDP) with the tools to start harvesting their own food, which may provide sustainable nutrition for their families beyond this 3-month period.  We are using Baptist Convention of South Sudan individuals within the IDP camp to make sure this all works.  They will be able to continue encouraging and engaging with the beneficiaries beyond the span of this project as needed.

Help me to run – so they do not have to run away
Make me sweat – so they don’t have to
Make me lose some calories – so they might get some
You give some pounds – so they might put on some pounds

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