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“Peace in our time” –certainly wasn’t
“The pound in your pocket” –suddenly was only 86p
“Every child a wanted child” – is still not true
“Homes fit for heroes” – weren’t
“Work-life balance” – remains unbalanced
“I do” – becomes “for now”
“Low fat” – ha ha, means more sugar instead.


Peace In Our Time

So much noise and anger,
passive aggression,
or simply aggression.

Oh, for a quiet compromise.
Does it really matter, that matter
that issue, that principle?
Should it cost
me my job, my marriage, my life?


From the people that brought you
Ground Zero, Year Zero
And the Final Solution.

We are the Inquisition, seeking to purge your flesh
Peel it away or burn it, to save your soul
When we get to Heaven, you’ll greet us there
And thank us for what we did today.