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Christmas in prisonThe Christmas season service I led was probably the ‘flattest’ I’ve experienced in a while.  Bad service? No, the guys were quiet, sad.  “Christmas is probably the most challenging time of year in prison. A prison sentence is often calculated in “how many more Christmas’s to get through?” It’s the time when families should be together. The time for parents to watch children unwrapping presents. Almost every TV ad is a reminder of the season. Parents in prison feel guilty that they’re not at home, and grieve for what they are missing. For those prisoners who have been permanently separated from their children the pain runs deeper still. And for those with no family outside to care, the loneliness of Christmas can be bitter.” So says Rev Lesley Mason, Managing Chaplain, HMP Send.


I did it – But

Posted: 22 December 2014 in Prisons
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I did it, but…

  • But life is hard man. You’ve gotta survive
  • But do you know what the Government get up to!
  • But others benefitted from it
  • But I had no victims
  • But it hurt me more, than them. By hurting my mum and dad/wife and kids.
  • But I never did it. I was set up

I’m in prison talking to men as part of the Sycamore Tree course. And this is what I often hear.

There is a strong mechanism of ‘explanation’ puts the crime at a distance. A defacto denial. It is an act of self preservation, in an environment that is telling them, implicitly or explicitly – you are shit, you are worthless, hey toe-rag, you deserve to be in this dump.