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WelbyJustin Welby gets banged up for crimes against secularism? Not this time. He was in HMP Brixton yesterday, along with 120 guests as a guest of Prison Fellowship to talk about restorative justice, victim awareness and prisoner support.


Humble Pie

Posted: 18 April 2015 in On the Pilgrim's Road, Prisons
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Standing up in the prison chapel I felt embarrassed and a bit humbled. You know, when you go “inside”, you are tempted to feel good about yourself – you doing something for them. And in a practical way you are. But a mist of moral superiority can settle on one’s head, and it needs to be blown away. And I got a small gust when I was last in.



Staring at the death of Life
the end of all I’d hoped for,
has the Light gone for evermore?

When the evidence lies at my feet
that it isn’t going to happen. Do I bleat
“huh, it didn’t really matter after all.”