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40I’m giving up alcohol.  No – the doctors have not told me too.  I’ve not been done for drink-driving.  The liver is fine thanks,   I’m dinking well under the recommended limit.  I’m giving it up for Lent.  That 40+ day run up to Good Friday and Easter.  That traditional time when Christian people either give up something, or do something extra. Or both.  To enter into this period of drama more personally.  Now there are 40 days to go to Cross.

There are several layers to Lent.

Firstly, the chance to identify with the murder of God.  God comes to Earth to show himself in a more accessible form. Earthlings are largely deeply disturbed by what they see, and he is killed.  Judicial murder, on a cross.  (more…)

John Lewis wellbeing

New Year – new me. Well the Church calendar of set readings had me preaching last Sunday on Good News to the Poor.  Jesus opens his work with “Good News to the Poor. Liberty to the Captives. Sight to the Blind. Freedom to the Oppressed.” Goodness, that’s strong stuff.  Meanwhile, on the same day John Lewis sends me a booklet with another vision, and not a bad one either.  RE:NEW.ALL.  with the message “Time for renewal – feel healthier in your mind, body and spirit”.  Well – I’ll say yes to that too.

It is an odd choice.  Just compare (more…)

Panzer Attack

Posted: 26 February 2013 in Poems, Understanding Others
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All our fears- how do they appear?The mighty engine pulses, ready to go
It’s hostile out there,
But sitting high up, peering out
The mighty German all-terrain machine is unstoppable.

More than 3 kings leave Kisiizi Hospital Children's Ward. Looking for a bus that will take them to Bethlehem?

Christmas? Despite vigorous searches, still no job.  The lovely cat that I got for company while I job hunt has had to go back as I break out in allergic reaction. The weather is bitterly cold and the house is cold. Life is not a picnic at present.  Remaining in Kisiizi Uganda would’ve been the easier option for us both (but not the right one). Time to “curse God and die” (Job 2 v9)? 


Feasting in Lent?

Posted: 27 February 2008 in On the Pilgrim's Road
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Old Nikon SLRsFeasting in Lent?  Open that long saved bottle of wine!  All that stuff carefully saved in the freezer – now is the time to bring it out!  Hardly seems to be the right thing in Lent.  Well – it was just the right thing.  For in January and February we worked very hard indeed to pack up the house and move to Redcliffe College in time for the start of term on 25th January.  Digging up the garden, redecorating the house, new carpets, re-tiling in the bathroom, new household wiring and fuse-boards, and getting rid of beloved stuff that was essentially junk.  For instance the Nikon SLRs that were Bill’s dad’s and his 21st birthday present (see photo).  As well (more…)