Do you ever feel, that some talk, some writing, some presentation, picture or piece of music done – was done well and deserves a wider circulation? I do. So here is some work I have done.

There is a lot of study material here:
Gospel of Mark. 
We saw, we heard, we touched- 1 John
Praying Together,
Under pressure – 1 Peter
Lamentations: why, or why?
Easter Arrest: snatch or self offering?John18v1-14
Jesus feeds 5000. Messiah, or just lucky with Groupon voucher? Luke 9v10-17
Jesus on the road less travelled, Phil 2v1-11

Some talks/sermons:
Wonder, Judgement and Joy. Psalm 98
One Call. Two Responses. Psalm 116
Meaning and Mentoring. Matthew 17:1-13
A Promise Kept. Luke 1:26-56
Do you want to go away too? John 6:35-67


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