Praying Together

praying togetherLet us look at praying together. In Church. In groups. In pairs or triplets. Spontaneously with another when they share a blessing or a burden.
“In prayer we approach a loving, listening Father, and we are helped by the intercession of the Son, and the groaning of the Spirit. When we pray, God talks to God”. Megan Hill

Here is a blog by her, expanding her insight.  Below are a series of studies that look at this issue, primarily based on studies from the book “Praying Together” by Megan Hill (Crossway 2016), amended to a modest degree by myself to meet the needs of the group I study with – and pray with.

Relationship. PT Study Relationship
Duty. PT Study Duty
Promise. PT Study Promise
Love. PT Study Love
Discipleship. PT Study Discipleship
Praying with the Church. PT Study With the Church
Praying with Partners and Groups. PT Study With groups
Praying with Family and Guests. PT Study With Family