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Nick Hardwick

Nick Hardwick, retiring Chief Inspector

Category A prisoners talk of freedom – while still inside.  This morning, Radio 4 broadcast the morning worship service from HMP Long Lartin. You can find it on .  It was positive, and considering these are Cat A guys, who have done the very worst, it was quite something.  A fairly trad service, but listen to the prisoners. For instance, hear the prisoner who murdered a man, and after 20 years of substance misuse, in the last couple of years is turning his life around. A sweet aroma

However, much that comes up from prisons does not smell of roses.  Nick Hardwick, just (more…)

John Lewis wellbeing

New Year – new me. Well the Church calendar of set readings had me preaching last Sunday on Good News to the Poor.  Jesus opens his work with “Good News to the Poor. Liberty to the Captives. Sight to the Blind. Freedom to the Oppressed.” Goodness, that’s strong stuff.  Meanwhile, on the same day John Lewis sends me a booklet with another vision, and not a bad one either.  RE:NEW.ALL.  with the message “Time for renewal – feel healthier in your mind, body and spirit”.  Well – I’ll say yes to that too.

It is an odd choice.  Just compare (more…)

Moving House

Moving House

The truck turns up in the dark and there is a lot of scraping sounds outside. Patrice is moving house. “Now? In the dark?”  I ask.  The truck was loaded up with all Patrice’s earthly possessions and off it went, with Patrice following.

It seems that Haitians often move house in the dark.  There is a very strong sense of privacy regarding their possessions.  They do not want other people to see what they have got.  Part of this is a real fear of theft.  But it is also perhaps a subtle anxiety that any display of even very modest wealth will draw envious looks and bring with it bad luck and curses.  We certainly found cases of this in Uganda, to quite a malicious extent.