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prisoners eyesWhen I led the prayers last Sunday in a prison, several of the guys just stared at me, a bit surprised at what was being prayed.  Not hostile.  Just thinking something new.

The theme of the service was getting believers to hear the call of God to play a special part.  And why not for Christian prisoners too?  Does God’s calling get shut out be the high walls and barbed wire??  Cannot Christian convicts, who are repentant of past crimes, but still have to do the sentence, have a calling here?  Perhaps a specific one for a specific period?  But calling all the same. When inside. For inside.



How does Haiti compare to UK?  It might seem silly to make such a comparison as each person’s take on Haiti, UK or for that matter, any place, will be quite different.

I have put some interesting info together here: , the kind of things you would not find in a travel book, but the kind of things you might like to know, if you want to know more about a place.  What that page does is to give you facts and figures rather than pretty pics and cute stories for Facebook.

have a look now.  If you want to suggest changes – let me know.