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The Face That Fits

Posted: 15 April 2012 in Prisons
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Caricature Cartoon by Charles Bronson

When I’ve been in prison, so many of the guys look like something out of central casting. Either big beefy guys with shaven heads. Or thin skinny geezers, who look as if they are recovering from substance abuse. Or perhaps just deep in it. But does the face fit? Do criminals look like us? Silly question really. But a campaign was launched last week against casting on TV and film that selects people for criminal roles that look ugly or threatening. (more…)

Good Friday in Trafalgar Square. The crowds were there. The photographers were there, creeping about and blocking our views. “Ooooooooooh, it’s a miracle – I want that picture!” “Aaaaaargh, a man being nailed alive to a piece of timber – better still. Better pic. More colour!” No worries – Mary of Nazareth won’t be giving evidence at the Levenson Enquiry.

The camera men, the crowds, all added to a sense of … reality. I was struck how vivid the whole Holy Week story is. It has real drama. It tells not only a divine story but also a very human one too. Atheists, agnostics and believers can all get something from it, if they so wish.