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Drink. Drink! Drink?

Posted: 27 May 2016 in Cultural, Haiti
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Moonshine works, Milot, Haiti. (c) JC Coutausse

When I left Haiti, I was given a gift.  A kind appreciation for the work I had done this trip.  What did I fancy?  Coffee?  Haitian coffee is good.    Rum. Ah, Haitian rum is good too.  I always bring back coffee and rum.  Interestingly, neither alcohol or cannabis are big parts of life here in Haiti.  Though the land is most suitable for cannabis, growing, consumption is rare.  Far more likely to be found amongst the expats than the nationals.  As for alcohol, the national beer “Prestige”, a light lager is OK and the varieties of rum can be of very good quality indeed.  Out in the country Kleren, the local spirit is distilled from sugar cane in road side stills.  Like I saw in up country Uganda.  Like Uganda, these produce cheap spirits and can vary wildly.  Headaches, liver problems, even blindness, served by the glass.  This can be all yours sir after a few 6p a glass servings.  It can be good, and I bought 4 small bottles of a cane and (more…)

SOS Village ChIt’s a funny thing. You can worship- without understanding the words being prayed. Or sung.  Here I am in Church of Assembly of the Saints, SOS Village Road, Cap-Haïtien.  They prayed long fervent prayers in Créole.  With a few prompts from the very occasional French word that I can pick up, you just do your own prayer in a mood consistent prevalent with the church.  They sang long repetitive hymns of worship in Créole.  And with the rhythm, clapping and following the tune with la-la-la, and the occasional Merci Jesu or Bon Dieu, it is surprising how much you can participate.  (I even managed to grasp the sermon – but just as well as I was preaching it.)  Just don’t look at your watch. (more…)

QB Testing (1)

Will it connect?

It’s like spinning plates, in those old style circus shows. Here in the Hospital in Haiti, I am trying to get working one laptop as a file server, two desktops and two laptops as clients. Oooo – that’s five isn’t

it.  Something has gone wrong already? Or is that the laptop without a power adaptor.  You get the fourth plate up and spinning, and lo –one has fallen and crashed and another is badly wobbling