Without Understanding A Word

Posted: 14 May 2016 in Haiti, Understanding Others
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SOS Village ChIt’s a funny thing. You can worship- without understanding the words being prayed. Or sung.  Here I am in Church of Assembly of the Saints, SOS Village Road, Cap-Haïtien.  They prayed long fervent prayers in Créole.  With a few prompts from the very occasional French word that I can pick up, you just do your own prayer in a mood consistent prevalent with the church.  They sang long repetitive hymns of worship in Créole.  And with the rhythm, clapping and following the tune with la-la-la, and the occasional Merci Jesu or Bon Dieu, it is surprising how much you can participate.  (I even managed to grasp the sermon – but just as well as I was preaching it.)  Just don’t look at your watch.

Pastor Yousvel from the Hospital had kindly offered me his preaching slot this Sunday, so we both went along. There were 120 other men, women and children already there when we came.  Some folk of humble background.  Others of the professions.  The Church is led by Eddy Sylvain, a zealous pastor who is a senior policeman in Cap-Haïtien.  Goodness – that’s a hot number.  When the St Paul calls on us to pray for those in authority – I hope this guy is on someone’s list.

SOS Village Ch+This was not the first Haitian church service I have been to. But it was more focussed on one purpose. And though this was not an Acts 2 v8 moment. When all could understand each other’s language and the Curse of the Tower of Babel was lifted – it was just a tiny glimpse of it.

Picture: [1] Pastor Roogest, Deacon Gardner, Bill, Pastor Eddy Sylvain; [2] the Church



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