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Sycamore-Tree-Image-Goes-with-sitting-on-the-ST-story-143x200A prisoner tells of how going on PF’s victim awareness course, Sycamore Tree, helped him to figure out how to restore a relationship or make more positive choices in life. It gives a perspective on prison life too:

“Few things in prison have the capacity to make someone a better person, often it is quite the opposite. Being in prison means being cut off from the outside, removed from your family and community.

It erodes responsibility, self-respect and empathy. Often it also results in a person’s future prospects becoming worse, with major problems in securing employment and regaining a reputation. It is therefore no wonder that re-conviction rates are so high, with each subsequent prison sentence increasing a person’s chances of committing a crime.

This is my first prison sentence, and I intend it to be my last.