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Hang On

Posted: 7 May 2011 in On the Pilgrim's Road
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Hanging on in difficult circumstances
News. I know quite a few blog readers have followed Wanda and my adventures in recent times, thank you indeed for your interest. So I am taking the liberty to let you in on some good news.  And reflect on it. Please free to press [Delete] anytime.
Prison Fellowship had a vacancy for a head of finance, a permanent full time position. I went for two interviews and last week I was offered the position.
Happy. I am delighted. They are a Christian organisation working in prisons helping offenders come to terms with their deeds (running restorative justice courses funded by the Prison Service), helping prisoners keep in touch with their families (arranging presents to be purchased and sent to their children), and helping them relate to non-offenders (by a letter writing programme),