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Two objects. A stone. An apple.  That’s it.Jesus and The Woman 1b

Religious people know that the ethical and spiritual choices we make are stark.  Greed – Need.  Lust – Love.  Hate – Mate.  *igger – Neighbour.  Me!Me! – You Two~You Too. Superman – Jesus.  Hell – Heaven. Void– God. Stark choices they are – in terms of end result or destination.

But the getting there. Ah… we often miss out the little steps.  And that nothing is inevitable.

Take a stone.  See, two are on the ground. Ready to be hurled at the woman caught in a (then illegal) act of adultery.  (The guy must have been quicker out of the window).  It was a set up case to corner Jesus.  We know Jesus’ response “All right, but let the one who (more…)

Star Snores? The Yawns Awaken.

Posted: 21 February 2016 in Cultural
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Akylo_ren_star_wars_the_force_awakens-HDfter sitting though a marathon 25 minutes of product advertising, followed by 20 minutes of dismal film ads, we finally got to the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Like so many blockbusters, the film is derivative.  The Force Awakens is a rerun of the original 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope.  Sure, Jurassic World 2015 recycles Jurassic Park 1997.  And dear old Spectre 2015, is reconstituted flesh from any number of prior incarnations.   But the flavour or the taste in (more…)

40I’m giving up alcohol.  No – the doctors have not told me too.  I’ve not been done for drink-driving.  The liver is fine thanks,   I’m dinking well under the recommended limit.  I’m giving it up for Lent.  That 40+ day run up to Good Friday and Easter.  That traditional time when Christian people either give up something, or do something extra. Or both.  To enter into this period of drama more personally.  Now there are 40 days to go to Cross.

There are several layers to Lent.

Firstly, the chance to identify with the murder of God.  God comes to Earth to show himself in a more accessible form. Earthlings are largely deeply disturbed by what they see, and he is killed.  Judicial murder, on a cross.  (more…)

ATBAll that tax we pay – where does it go?  Just a tiny tiny tiny bit comes to us, Haiti Hospital Appeal.

I work for Haiti Hospital Appeal, and HHA gets a grant from you. Via the taxman, through the Government’s foreign aid budget, to us.  Then from us, to Haiti to traditional birthing attendants.  We work with 90 (more…)