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Oklahoma prison pics on Facebook

“Prisoners on Instagram reveal security crisis behind bars” so said Channel 4 earlier this year.  Yes, it is an issue.  But for most prisoners, they don’t want it.

Pictures in prison? A serious non no.  I’ve seen it done. Had my picture taken in prison, and not just be a security camera either.  But it’s usually forbidden. No camera, no mobiles, nada.  Prison authorities don’t like it.  They don’t want the publicity for well known offenders being put on Facebook accounts or in the papers.  They don’t want to make public that “Slasher” Jones has been moved from HMP Newgate to HMP Sarum.  Photos have been taken of prison (more…)

Hosp Maternity

New job working with a hospital in Haiti? And for less money than before? You’ve marbles you think.

No- it’s not like that. Inevitably we all have our stereotypes. Warm beer, cricket, and old maids cycling off to Evensong are some sepia tinted images of England. Haiti conjures up – what? Poverty, corruption, voodoo, Papa Doc Duvalier & Baby Doc, 2010 earthquake? Like the warm beer and cricket, there is a smidgen of truth. If you’ve got this far, you’ll have a taste for more than a smidgen.