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Sunrise.jpgThey found the body.  Which one?  The day after the beautiful sunrise picture, in Lake Gahini, Rwanda, I was in Kigali in the genocide centre. Freshly found bodies, ready to be interred (see picture below). With prayers and respect.  What is Easter Day to them and their families?  Of for the wounded and maimed in Brussels.  Of for that matter, all struggling  with unloving relationships, unkind bosses, bullies at work and school? (more…)

Pilate+JesusShe turned and looked right in my face. “You want the truth, don’t you?  You want me to be honest, surely?” This week, in Holy Week.  The issue was trivial, but the question echoes, especially on Good Friday.  Not easy to find a polite answer to the question.

And yet, within three hours I was on a long distance phone conference to Haiti saying “let’s be honest her, is the engineer (more…)

talibanDeep in Taliban held Afghanistan, a Taliban leader washes the feet of his men.  “As soon as everyone was assembled it was time for dinner: a communal heap of rice and a plate of oily, orange coloured mutton.  It was a special occasion. Abdullah had scooted around the circle beforehand with a pewter basin and a jug of warm water – a hand washing ceremony that was usually performed by the youngest son of the family, not the most senior man present.  It was a deliberate act of self –abasement, an expression of humility and comradeship more eloquent than any words.”


david-bowie-blackstar-2Enjoy David Bowie’s last album “Blackstar” album? I do, but should I? I hear the sniping from the sides. Denounced as Satan exposed.  Yes of course, say defenders.  He lived in an occult universe.  As a fellow London lad I am now intrigued. As a Christian, I am now concerned. So – what’s it all about?