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Let’s hear it for cursing

We want more cursing, Terry-boy,
We need more strong words, not less.
What really gets your goat, John-o
You’ll need something more, next time
                You are suffering from defamation inflation

Twenty years of porridge? Year in year out, day in day out. Fancy it? Well?? When I go into prison, I want to understand the experience. Recently I spent two days in a lifers prison. I came, I saw, I tate. Two days of it was … interesting.

Porridge it wasn’t, strictly speaking. I and my fellow travellers were offered a choice of six items for lunch, and a different six for evening meal, including vegan and halal. Sounded wonderful. But the reality was that the warm food was somehow high on carbs and probably fat, and short on flavour and texture. And samey.