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email overload

Good intentions need not lead to good outcomes we found this week.  That was the case for us in the Labour Party leadership contest.  One member of our family, though their union membership had the opportunity to become a £3.00 supporter.  As a conscientious Christian, they were aware that they should support political processes and not be cynical.  So being a left-of-centre sort of person, they embraced this particular opportunity.

What a horror.  Blizzards of emails.  Unsubscribe seemed not to work.  Email (more…)

Archbishop Welby

Today at Lambeth Palace, Archbishop Justin Welby said the Church in its mission to the world must take risks.  Speaking to a crowd from Church Mission Society (CMS), he admitted that the Church has taken time to get its sense of mission back and that CMS has been key.  Come back to its central vison.  So: failure is not … failure.

Failure not failure?  Trying things out and many of them not (more…)