Mission & risk go together – Welby

Posted: 9 September 2015 in On the Pilgrim's Road

Archbishop Welby

Today at Lambeth Palace, Archbishop Justin Welby said the Church in its mission to the world must take risks.  Speaking to a crowd from Church Mission Society (CMS), he admitted that the Church has taken time to get its sense of mission back and that CMS has been key.  Come back to its central vison.  So: failure is not … failure.

Failure not failure?  Trying things out and many of them not working, then restarting in a different way, is the heart of the innovative spirit.  Indeed, it is the centre of evolution itself.  I reflected on this and have to admit I have been involved in a number of projects in my many years of working life.  And some have been unhappy experiences indeed.  But the CMS event, and the Archbishop’s comments brought to my mind that my own central vision remains.  In my case, a combination of Christian discipleship with meeting social need.

Does your vision remain?  Or has it worn down by the pounding breakers of life?  Or the fog of cynicism?  The small wounds of life just pile up with time.

And of course – not having the heart or central vision in the first place is

……. another matter.


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