Waffle or Wonderful?

Posted: 21 May 2018 in Cultural, On the Pilgrim's Road, Understanding Others
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Bishop Curry.jpgEpiscopal Presiding Bishop Curry’s sermon, at Harry and Meghan’s Saturday wedding? Wonderful. Or Waffle? As usual, I think Christians mis-read society. This sermon was… Both. At 14 minutes it felt long. It was MLK-lite derivative. Lots and lots about love. Sure, some good stuff here. But don’t Muslims, Hindus, agnostics and atheists love too? And sometimes, sacrificially too? And considering how little was said on the embodiment, the very visualisation and representation of God’s love – Jesus, the sermon could have been preached by any Theist. And perhaps that was so under Prince Charles’ direction??


And there’s a but, indeed. The manner of the preaching. The place of the preaching. The surprise given by the preaching. The enthusiastic heart warming message of God’s love sent waves. The sermon is trending on Facebook and other social media. People are considering it or sneering at it. Certainly not ignoring it, today.  The largely secular audience, in Windsor Chapel and the millions watching on TV, were warmed by the personal appeal of the preacher, and the universal appeal of God’s love.  The address “won” the heart, even if it did not address the head.

And as I sat in a Sunday morning service at HMP Slade, one of the prisoner’s jumped up and exhorted his fellows to give up their life of wickedness and harm, as he was seeking to do. To live a life of God’s love on the Prison Wings. And when they get out also. He was moved to speak and exhort his peers. Windy sermon?  Perhaps.  But the winds of Pentecost did blow, yesterday – Pentecost Sunday.


  1. krcc says:

    On the news, I had only seen a snippet of the wedded couple as they were listening to his preaching. Unfortunately, even from that short snippet, they had appeared to be uncomfortable with what he was saying, and the length of what he was saying, it seemed.

    • Bill says:

      Several of the congregation were uncomfortable with it. But Bishop Curry’s talk is trending on social media here in UK, and the issue was on TV again this morning, here.

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