New Prisons Report

Posted: 18 July 2019 in Prisons
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Prison wing.jpgThe Chief Inspector of Prisons Annual Report was out last week. Don’t fancy reading 124 pages but want the headlines to think and pray about?  Well, today Prison Fellowship highlighted a few quotes from the Report and invite us all to pray over:

“Safety is still a major problem. Levels of violence had increased in more than half the prisons inspected.”
►God of peace, may Your peace prevail in our prisons, and may a spirit of calm to pervade every room and hallway. May the conflict, hopelessness and addiction that fuels the violence be addressed and transformed.

“The number of self-inflicted deaths and incidents of self-harm had increased substantially since last year.”
►God of comfort, you see each man and woman in their pain, in their loneliness, and in their hopelessness. Send us out in Your love to bring Your light into the darkness.

“In only a third of the adult male prisons that we inspected was purposeful activity, which includes the provision of education, work and training, judged to be good or reasonably good.”
►God of life, You created us to work and create in life-bringing and purposeful ways. Bring wisdom to decision makers so that this becomes a reality for every man and woman in prison.

“The use of drugs, particularly new psychoactive substances, remained a major problem and was linked to many debt and violence issues.”
►God of healing, we pray for release from addiction for every man and women. May there be an increase in support services for those seeking healing, and an end to the flow of drugs into prison.

I also add: the recent Government prison ministers (Rory Stewart, Robert Buckland) were people working for the good of offenders and victims,
►God of Justice, move the hearts of the Johnson government to work for the common justice, not towards common fear.


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