New Year Resolution

Posted: 1 January 2019 in Cultural, On the Pilgrim's Road, Understanding Others
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New Year.jpgWell?  Have you made yours yet?  Or made any?  New Year resolutions, that is.  That was the question that was put to me by Dave[1] last night.  Or early this morning to be accurate.

He cheerily told me that he once made a list , lost it, and months later found the list and discovered he’d met his resolutions.  Well done him.  But I can’t say I have made any.  No gym membership beckons.  No diet, yes the Christmas cake gets no reprieve.  No hair implants (not this year anyhow).

I take a leaf out of the great British sculptor, Henry Moore (see pic).  Just a resolution for the day,

New Year Resolutions b.jpgAre they a “Good Thing”?  For many, their focus is on self improvement, self focus, inward (quit smoking, gym, diet, appearance).  Much less so relational, other people (more time with the kids, kinder to the spouse, give to charity, pray more, really listen to colleagues).

New Year resolutions are not religiously based, though they reportedly do back to the Babylonians.  Some Muslim scholars have argued that celebrating the new Year (Western one that is), is haram or forbidden.  But most argue that any New Year resolution that helps reflection and improvement is worthwhile.

As a Christian I agree.  There is something highly secular about the end of the calendar year.  For Christians, the time for reflection and change is not 24 hours after the clock bongs go on 31st December.  But the 40 days of Lent.  But hey! Any resolution that improves life is worth considering.

There are two caveats though, for the Christian, or persons of serious faith or beliefs

  1. If you resolve to do it, as a person of integrity, you must seek to make it happen.
  2. The resolutions need to be outward as well as inward. Diet?  Sure, your spouse like that.  But also “love thy neighbour”.  The whole office will like that.


[1] Yes, his real name.  but as I know quite a few Daves, it is hardly blowing cover.

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