Unicorns on the Christmas Tree

Posted: 2 December 2018 in Cultural, Understanding Others
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millennial-christmas.jpgLet’s hear it for tat?  Millennials are buying non-traditional Christmas decorations this season – choosing to decorate their trees with unicorns and mermaids rather than tinsel, new research has found.[i]  The research found that 45% of the UK’s households will be overlooking Santa Claus and his reindeer in favour of more interesting decor.

Unicorns will also be nestled amidst tree branches leading up to Christmas as 24% of the 2,000 people surveyed said they plan to decorate with the mythical creatures.  Others from the younger generation have decided they will express their Christmas spirit through mermaid, dinosaur, and prosecco bottle ornaments.

Have millennials have ruined traditional Christmas ornaments?  And is this a pity?  Perhaps it is.  Traditions are easy to loose and hard to build up.  But millennials are an easy target for boomers.  And have boomers really “got” the true meaning of Christmas?  The majority – no.

As for that True Meaning of Christmas?

  • The intervention in the flow of human history of God’s very human presence, in Jesus
  • The promise of hope, yes “Hope”, when it seems hard to get back then, and in real short supply just now

Unicorns don’t amount to much.  But neither do: reindeers, red clad Santa Clauses, sleights, grottos, red baubles, tinsel, wreath, Advent calendar.  All are much later inventions, and do not relate to the real story.

Coca Cola’s Santa has a better ancestor – St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (in Turkey).  He really did exist, and he did give secret gifts to rescue the impoverished young from sex slavery.  The Christmas Tree, green evergreen is a missionary evangelism symbol, and a replacing pagan Germanic oak tree veneration.[ii]  The Star, yes.  Christian Angel on top of the tree – yep, him/her as well.  And a Nativity scene – yes indeed.


Angel, not “Fairy Liquid”

Sure, Let’s add unicorns to Santa’s eight reindeer; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.  Oh, and Rudolf was only added in the 20thC.  Let’s have a bit of tat and glitter.  And let’s have them all streaming towards The Crib.  Where the Light Of The World has just arrived.


[i] Independent, 30/11/18
[ii] St Boniface cut down Donar’s Oak in 8th century among the Germans. A later version of the story said that an evergreen tree grew in place of the felled oak, evergreen being that Christ brought life throughout the year.

  1. krcc says:

    Some of my friends decided to use the many Happy Meal toys their kids collected to decorate their trees with.

    Interesting about Rudolph not being one of the original pack. 🌲

  2. Bill says:

    Donner and Blizen are German names meaning Thunder and Lightening, German used for rhyming purposes. Rudolph was an American addition in 1939, created for a Chicago department store. And remember, Coca Cola re-purposed The Green Man, a northern European take on St Nicholas into the obese red coated fellow.

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