McCain gone. Looking for British replacements

Posted: 26 August 2018 in Cultural, Understanding Others
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170719203040-john-mccain-07-19-2017-super-tease.jpgWhen there seems so little to admire about US politics at the moment, the death today of John McCain reminded me why there is much to admire as well.  And a personal example we could copy here in UK.

The Arizona Senator died today.  I remember standing in my kitchen on 5th November 2008, in Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda.  Listening to his concession speech to Barak Obama. Generous, big hearted.  Conceding that something and positive had just happened in the result, despite the difference in politics.  It was wonderfully put.

A kind person lend us the whole “West Wing” TV series to watch when we were in Uganda.  It was wonderful.  Some say the reality is more “House of Cards”.  Currently it seems more “Faulty Towers”.  But with the likes of Obama and McCain in contention, the “West Wing” TV series did not seem so fantastical.

A man who was a conservative (not me), but willing to challenge conservative power.

I guess I would have never voted Republican.  But a person like him had stature, able to lead.  Looking to British Conservatives, where are the persons like him?  Someone to tough it out on what will be a hard Brexit.  Let’s not be unfair to poor old PM Theresa May, struggling like a medieval monarch surrounded by mighty warring barons.

But, for the sake of current political realities, we stick with conservatives – compare McCain, with Jacob Rees-Mogg.  Or with Boris Johnson.  Or John Redwood.

Britain needs a few leaders of integrity (left or right) as we approach the coming crisis.  McCain is gone, and was never ours anyhow.  Time for the British McCains to step forward.



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