Win 10 Upgrades- Apple Laughs

Posted: 27 May 2018 in Business Systems
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Computer failure.jpgBeware of the Windows 10 April Upgrade.  If your computer is running Avast, disable it before you upgrade.  I did not and it caused my main computer to get trapped in a upgrade-half-done paralysis.  Stuck in a loop with no access to the desktop.  No access to command prompt.  Stuck stuck stuck.

I’ve been here before, where my wife’s machine had to get a complete factory reset, when the machine was on a long long update, she was not aware and switched the thing off.  Oh dearie me.

So: having got out of that one we were determined to deal with this one.  There is tons of material on the web on dealing with the Win 10 April upgrade mess.  But none seemed to apply to me.  No surprise, as each machine has its own particularities.  There is a communality, but the devil is in the detail indeed.  You’ve got to have the right method to deal with you PC’s particular madness.

Try asking Microsoft ( .  I tried, and to my utter surprise, I got two responses within an hour.  One looked great, but was full of generalities I’s already tried[i].  The other was more promising[ii], and you can read below, worked in the end.  As I said before, what worked with me, may well not be right for your comatose slab of silicon.

Microsoft have let us all down.  Companies have IT guys to sort this out, but ordinary folk, small businesses, small charities are in the soup.  Microsoft have pushed out software that has been not ready for many ordinary configurations.  I have had to alert our hospital in Haiti to the danger they will be in.

Microsoft have let themselves down too.  I have had updates trouble with both the laptop and desktop before.  I go back to DOS 2 with Microsoft, and even earlier (anyone recall CPM?).  And I used Mackintoshes long before they had become “Classic”.  The grief I’m getting with Windows is making me feel that that Apple (pricy and snooty as it is), might not be so ridiculous.  Apple gear is not so costly if you factor in the sweat, cost and tears of sorting this all out.

Steve Jobs, I hope you are Resting In Peace.
You might’ve woken up to have a good laugh at (the other) Bill’s expense.


[i] E-for-Excel wrote: this has been happening with many persons worldwide.  To solve this problem, please following the below help guide written by Sumit Dhiman, MVP. What to do if the computer is broken after Windows 10 1803 update… .  I replied: Dear “E for Excel”, this reply was a poor one.  It sent me to articles that told me how to create Upgrade media on a USB.  My cry for help has already told you I’ve done that, without success.  It told me how to boot from USB, advice that does not work for my desktop (yes it is all complex and conditions vary from PC to PC).  They tell me to uninstall Avast, ha ha, how do I get “in” to do that! I’ve not progressed with your reply.

[ii] DaveM121 wrote: Hi, this is not a good sign, I think your only option may be to Reset Windows 10 . Start your PC, just as Windows attempts to load (spinning dots), press and hold Power Button for 5 – 10 seconds to perform a Hard Shut Down.  Do this twice.  On the third start Windows will boot into the Recovery Environment and from there you can access System Repair, Safe Mode, Command Prompt . . . etc. .  If the above fails, go to Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Reset this PC.  Choose to keep your files and apps, Then start the Reset.  I replied: Thanks Dave M121.  This was brutal.  The PC would not shut down by pressing the power off button.  I had to unplug the beast.  Twice.  Sure the Hard disk enjoyed that, not!  Then recovery Environment, Choose Option, looked similar to before… but not quite… Tried “Repair PC”, nope.  Could find to trouble.  Then Advanced Options, into the Command Prompt.  tried all sorts of nonsense from the web. Nope.  Then, with reluctance, System reset.  Keeping files option.  Then it rolled, for a modest while (hour?).  Then it gave me a working Desktop.  Yes, it was working, interestingly.  My original files are all OK (phew).  A lot of apps seemed to have gone, but there was a list telling me what, including legacy stuff I was quite happy to see gone.  Obviously I have had to install things I use (Chrome, MS Office, Adobe, CCleaner).  I have not put back Avast (yet).

  1. Bill says:

    Response from a mate: “Read your blog post on windows with interest having just spent the last 2 hours trying to fix my router after a switch blew – so I can work from home today … BUT am now en route to the office !!

    What you describe though is a typical working day for me – except I also have to deliver software on top … no wonder I never have any time these days – systems have just got too complex !!

    City IT-wallah
    Sent from my iPhone,”

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