Running for a life – end

Posted: 9 July 2017 in Poverty, South Sudan

We’re underway


Cheers Dave, joining the run to help out HHA

Virgin London 10k run. Done for Hope Health Action. Real sweat and exhaustion, so Suzette can enjoy less seat and exhaustion. Thanks to all donors. Your money is getting spent well.
One person did argue with me that all the money in places like this goes to armed gangs. Alas – some does , indeed. But none of yours. It’s going into foodstuffs, not RPGs.  How do I know?  Because we have people on site, liaising with local pastors and church leaders, ensuring it is going where it should.  Risky it can be, but wasteful it isn’t.

I did it in 65 minutes.  This was my first 10k ever, so I am quite pleased with it. I found it harder than I expected. Normally, with Petts Wood Runners, I am beat by kilometre 7 or 8. Today it was a struggle after kilo 4. but hey! I will sleep in a better bed than the refugees, and be sure of a breakfast of choice tomorrow. What at tomorrow.


Running for Suzette and the others

And the same God will smile on us both.



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