Running for a Life 5

Posted: 4 July 2017 in Poverty, South Sudan

Suzette proudly shows HHA her new crop

Tell Suzette.  Tell Suzette she is not forgotten, nor her friends. Nor her displaced and homeless people.  Tell Suzette that though people she knows of have been cruel and utterly wicked, there are those she will never see, mean her good.  Tell Suzette that she is the poster girl for the displaced of South Sudan, in this instance.  Tell Suzette that her face will be carried in front of thousands in London this Sunday.

Suzette has leprosy.  Here she is tending her field that you are equipping her to work.  Project Leader Carwyn Hill is sharing a joking with her.  Being shown the emerging crops of a proud women through Hope Health Action’s work.  Carwyn says seeing Suzette’s field, the bag of emergency food rations in the house of the two blind men (perhaps the only thing they’re surviving from at the moment), are the little signs of hope in a dire, dire situation.


DSC_0026.JPGIf you want bad news stories – grim pictures of stick people… yes, I’ve got those.  Instead I want to say a big Thank You to the people who have given £1725 (to date).  With Gift Aid to come (yum yum).  Dear friends, and various Mr & Mrs Anon, your £1725 (+Gift Aid) is funding: [1] agriculture equipment and seed packs for 50 families, and [2] emergency food rations for 656 people for today.  Nice – your lunch will taste better won’t it!

It is not too late to donate.  Sponsor this run.  Or simply donate to Hope Health Action direct if you prefer.  Make a difference to someone’s life. Online. On Just Giving.

I was at a wedding last Friday.  Some wally dropped his glass of beer on the dance floor and I went flying – alas I landed – hard – on my left buttock.  Ouch.  I will still run/stagger, to the end.  Tell Suzette



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