Running for a Life 4

Posted: 18 June 2017 in South Sudan
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S Sudan refugee bags.jpg

Grain is arriving

After much work and prayer, we finally got permission to start the work in the refugee camps on the Ugandan side of the frontier.  The Baptist Convention of South Sudan also have permission to host our team in the camps, so they were allowed to go to a refugee church on Sunday as guests, rather than in a work capacity. They arrived to a make shift building with tarpaulin and bamboo sticks. We entered the building and were overcome by what we saw – beautiful people singing and praising. Most wearing a mismatch of clothes and shoes, all desperately poor. All were refugees forced to flee their home towns because of the fighting in recent months.

Disability training is already underway, and 8 Community Rehabilitation Workers have been identified.  A nutritional survey of people in the IDP camp over the border in South Sudan will soon complete, and then food and agricultural tools will be issued as best.

But we need the money to do this.  Sponsor my Virgin London 10k run.  Or simply donate to Hope Health Action direct if you prefer. Thanks to Mr/Mrs “Anon”. I really don’t know who you are, despite the hint.  Your £100 has funded: [1] agriculture equipment and seed packs for three families, and emergency food rations for 25 people for today.  Nice – your lunch will taste better won’t it!

I have had quite a lot of interest, but it is still only a few donations.

Make a difference to someone’s life.
On Just Giving.



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