Running for a life 3

Posted: 10 June 2017 in South Sudan

Much to our surprise, he’s still alive.

“The disabled boy who I didn’t think I’d see again following my last trip is doing much better (even talking now!) following some small HHA assistance, and the refugee school idea that was just a dream in march that we gave some seed funding to now has 8 voluntary teachers and 98 students who sat their exams!” So says Carwyn Hill who is there, setting up the work.  This work is with refugees in a camp just on the Ugandan side of the border.

Also, the nutritional project is now underway, and was gratefully received by those in the refugee camps within South Sudan.  Supplies of emergency nutritional rations have just arrived (much delight) and are probably being distributed as you read these very words.

It is not all plain sailing – this kind of work never is.  In these complex, dangerous and fast moving situations, we need permissions from governments for the planned projects, and we are still stuck for at least one (can’t go into details here).  We hope.  We pray.

But what?
But we need the money to do this.  Sponsor this run.  Or simply donate to Hope Health Action direct if you prefer.  I have had quite a lot of interest, but few donations.

Make a difference to someone’s life.
On Just Giving.



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