Cinderella Service

Posted: 25 March 2017 in Haiti
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WanHCBH Chaplains.JPGt a hospital service that can: help the cure; needs no equipment, nor medicines, needs no electricity or internet, and runs on very little money?  Well I’m standing with them in the picture.  These are the Hospital Chaplains. A Cinderella service.

The Poor Relation
Here am I, in Hôpital Convention Baptiste d’Haiti, in Cap-Haïtien. Standing alongside the chaplains.  Pastor Yousvel (one of the senior administrators), Pastor Sadak, and Pastor Samuel (in the wheelchair- not a fashion statement).  Chaplaincy tends to be seen as a poor relation.

But in a place like this where almost everyone has religious beliefs, these need to be engaged to give the sick hope, patience, meaning to the situations they find themselves in.  “Opium for the masses”? Certainly not.  Health requires much more than pills and scalpels. It needs the inner person to engage with what brings them here.  Should there be more pastoral visiting on the wards?  Certainly.  But let’s not neglect what we have already.

The Hospital staff and management need Chaplaincy too.  To keep the vision of Christian service, and mutual support.  The Hospital is growing very fast indeed.  People and resources are growing too, but not at the same rate.  So, the pressure is always on, and there is a bit of push-and-shove.  Yet the usual social response to push-and-shove is more push-and-shove.  Then there is trouble.  I see a leadership that is more mellow, more considerate.  So far, it manages the pressures.  Keeping up the Christian vision, and Christian mutual support is absolutel
y essential.  Chaplaincy has a role to staff and management, as did prophets and priests to the Old Testament people and kings of Israel.

Probably not.  More like a mixed bag working on their own journey with God, while seeking to help others.  Some of it may be a bit old fashioned even.  But I am delighted to stand alongside them.  To be in the chapel service singing and praying with them, chaplains, staff and patients.

My financial projections matter.  This is a reminder for the reasons why.


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