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Posted: 9 November 2016 in Cultural, Understanding Others
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Le Pen, Trump, Putin as Crusaders

So Donald has Trumpit the Brexit. Nigel (Farage) told us in the early hours that 2016 opens a new era.  Indeed.  For what?  In a British pub in Moscow last night, I saw them sit up and cheer Trump.  A painting is brought in, of three mounted Crusaders.  But the portraits are of Marie Le Pen, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.  It is derived from a famous painting of Adolf Hitler as a mounted knight in armour, holding a standard, searching for The Holy Grail.  A crusade you want to be part of?

No mistake – this is epochal.  We are all revolting against the elites that patronised us for years now.  Popular disgust is being captured and channelled by anyone who can vicariously shout for us  Seem to be our mouthpieces.  Smooth wordies like Blair and Cameron are clearly rejected. Shouters and the strident of the left or right are here in force.  E.G. Trump, Le Pen, Sanders, Corbyn, Tsipras, Jorg Haider, Viktor Orban, Beppe Grillo, Putin, etc.  Smug about Britain?  Don’t you dare!  May may not be of this class, but dear old Boris often behaves in analogous ways to Donald.  And the recent vituperative outpourings about the recent High Court on Article 50 leaves no doubt that a mile temper is about, in our once green and pleasant land.

Where this will take us

This will take us all to Putin-land.  Or if not that far, into to Narendra-Modi-land (Prime Minister of India).  Our public polities will evolve in the next few years into controlled democracies.  Parliamentary systems will be respected, but parliamentary privilege will be challenged/constrained.   The press will be free to say what it likes – but in the fringe and niche outlets only.  Experts will be free to speak.  But say anything challenging to the mainstream and you’ll regret it.  E.G. more Syrians should be let into UK; in UK, experts not to be scorned; in India, deals should be done with Pakistan over Kashmir; Russia, should seek peace with Ukraine; etc.  Indeed, to some extent, we are here already.  But it will intensify, and intensify quickly, in the next say ten years.

Remember 1922?  Mussolini seized power. No consequence?  Stalin begins his grip on power, 1924.  They’re all crazies anyhow?  Salazar takes power in Portugal, 1926.  Trivial?  Japan invades Manchuria 1931. A long way away? Hitler, 1933. Abyssinia 1935.  Franco 1936. And 1939…  The time from buffoon (1922) to madman (1933) is only 11 years.  Beware – things develop fast, when there is a general atmosphere about. Perhaps a new Spirit of the Age.

What To Do

As we slide away from democratic plutocracies into faux-democratic oligarchies, what can Christian people in particular do?

  • Keep our own networks alive. Keep the Body of Christ alive and independent of state control.  We become agents of independent thinking.  Free to ask critical questions (off all parties) from a different standpoint.
  • Doing 21stC Theology. Biblical Truth remains the same. Unchanged.  But as our world changes, we need to be able to challenge the new idols.  Some for-instances:
    • Should we put “America/Britain First”, eh? How do we properly hear what Clinton called “The Deplorables”?  Aren’t they children of God too, as well as the Haitian or Syrian refugees?  How do we help others support businesses, but also challenge fat-cat capitalism?  How does personal responsibility and state support for the vulnerable interact?
    • We are not to create a platform or programme, or else we get boxed into a party-political corner. It is not all about abortion and sex.  But respond to issues of oligarchy and totalitarianism as they slowly emerge.
  • Use social media and make unlikely allies. When appropriate, connect with trade unionists, libertarians, anarchists, chambers of commerce, to support pluralities of thinking. This could be uncomfortable for us.  Be prepared to pay a price for this too.
  • Keep out of party politics. And being seen as part of party politics.  Our Kingdom is not of this world.  But remember, ultimate authority for us lies above, and the state will seek to claim that for it’s own.  (Note: Paul wrote “Jesus is Lord”, as a response to Roman people that promulgated “Caesar Augustus Is Lord” is in fact limited).
  • And most important of all – Pray.
    • Against the misuse of powers. For the powerful to look out for the vulnerable.  For tolerance of diversity (much talked about, but only partial).
    • Pray too for Donald and his like. That these self-proclaimed saviours get a genuine sense of personal mission and calling.  Pray for all politicians, and against premature and childish pseudo -sophisticated cynicism.  There are a lot of people thinking they are “doing good”.  Pray that they may see what is truly good for our nation, not just for their community of the like-minded.
    • Pray for the Spirit of God to help us discern the new idols and spirits of the new age. And strength to stand firm in the unchanging Gospel, as we humbly seek to be challengers to what the world throws up in the next 11 years.



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