Into The Disaster Zone

Posted: 7 October 2016 in Haiti
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3ac59468-2557-4de0-84e8-a2784b651707The situation in Haiti continues to reveal the harrowing impact of Hurricane Michael – gone but not forgotten.  The death toll in Haiti goes up and up as they pull bodies out of the rubble and the sea. Watch the BBC footage. First responders into SW Haiti have found…’80% of homes damaged and crops destroyed.’  Tragically, there are still many locations still out of communication and still with no access.  Including NW Haiti, not too far from our hospital.

Amidst the large scale devastating images, there are thousands of individual stories.   Friends and staff waiting days to hear about whether their children survived.  This is unbearable pain.  Please pray for this who remain waiting.

We will not be going to SW Haiti.  Big international NGOs are there already.  We are now off to the haitinot reported NW Haiti, an even more neglected area.  This morning members from our team in Haiti left for the North West peninsular (map: fat arrow) from our hospital in Cap-Haitian (map: thin arrow).  We believe we may be the first outside team to visit this area – join us in praying for Rhoda and Sibille’s safety.

Thanks to those who’ve donated to our needs list below.  We still need more support if you can.  HHA will update you with progress of our teams trip. See them on Facebook.  Thank you for your on-going support.

For those who may wish to support just this first foray into chaos: we need about £1,150 ($1,500US) for:

  • £169 / $220 – immediate supplies to tackle cholera in the area
  • £622 / $810 – 10 large bags of rice and 10 large bags of beans to assist food shortages.
  • £23 / $31 – 1,500 bags of purified water
  • £336 / $439 – Other supplies and gas etc. for Ambulance

These will be distributed to a local group which has two clinics in the area.  Those who know our work, cholera is an old adversary, which had been declining.  We will be working against a “comeback”.

Alas, we have no reserves, so support these urgent costs today

Do get the word out.  More news to come.  See  Hope Health Action News Update

(material from Carwyn Hill CEO of Hope Health Action)


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