Our poor sight, weak hearing – a prayer

Posted: 25 September 2016 in Poems, Prisons, Understanding Others
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serge-levyc2013-prayerLord, we all have serious health problems

Our eyesight is poor
Silver and gold seem the brightest colours,
Followed by the green of greed, and
The blues of thwarted desires.

Our hearing is poor too
We can’t hear the cries of the weak,
Nor your warnings of judgement.

We try to pray for our victims. But
We were deaf to their cries
Help us hear them now and repent of what we did
– to them
Help them to come to terms with what happened
–  to them.

We shut our eyes to the Justice System
But we pray for those of us awaiting their time in Court,
Help us not be deaf to the truth
Unlock our tongues to the truth too.
Lord, may the lawyers and The Judge treat us as you would,
With justice and mercy.

We pray for prison staff
May we not be blind to those staff
– working for the good of us all
May we be silent to those staff who aren’t.

We pray for those who are not well.
Those with mental health issues, too
May they hear your voice of hope
May they feel your touch of encouragement.

Oh – our families!
– our kids
– our wives and partners
– our mums and dads.
Open our mouths to confess our wrong
Open our ears to hear what they need to say
– to us.

Heal our eyes, that we may see that gold is not the only colour
That silver is a lining that comes with suffering and endurance

Heal our deafness
So that we may hear the warnings of danger ahead from you Lord
That we finally end up with You, like poor old Lazarus did
Not in the Other Place, like the Rich Man did.

Father, Lord of judgement. In your mercy, hear us

Written for prison prayers recently, following family illnesses relating to hearing and sight.



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