We Welcome Emergencies

Posted: 17 September 2016 in Haiti
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Why welcome emergencies?  Car accident victims, burst appendices, food poisoning, premature births, etc?  Blood and guts with accompanied terrors, pain fear?  Because that is where much hospital care starts and we exist for this. (And more besides.)

Back in Haiti.  L’Hopital Convention Baptiste d’Haiti Emergency Department building was finished during my last visit, but a medical service is far far more than just a building.  It needs adequate equipment and trained staff.  And now this gear has arrived by container from HHA in UK, the Hospital have opened for business.  In the first month: road accidents, emergency surgeries, drowning, other traumas, animal bites, domestic accidents, burns etc.  People getting swift, effective treatment – rather than going further afield, or to expensive private clinic.  Or resorting to DIY.

Of course, before we had the Emergency Department, we did this work anyway.  But now HCBH staff manage to do the triage faster and take better care of our patients.   When Radiology Department is open and fully function, then the service will be in top gear.

Here is a short example of what is now being done.  A two year old, living at the end of the region on the coast, arrived to the Emergency Department.  The child had gone first after through the city of Cap-Haitian in respiratory distress and hypothermia after near-drowning. Due to the diligence of the staff and the efficient use of our equipment, the child was discharged from the hospital two days to the great satisfaction of the parents.

Disasters and tragedies like this, are stopped in their tracks every day.  It takes a whole load of coffee mornings and cheese & wine events to enable this – but hey. The wine that tasted good anyway – has a sweeter aftertaste now. 


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