Help Haiti with your Excel macros

Posted: 14 October 2015 in Business Systems, Haiti
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Use your Excel macros skills to help a hospital in Haiti.  L’Hôpital Convention Baptiste d’Haïti (HCBH) works for the poor in northern Haiti, in Cap-Haitien.  I am analysing data from the still new cashiers procedures.  I am getting 12-14,000 records per month on Excel.  The problem I want help on, is that no distinction is made between primary service and secondary services.  Say a patient comes in via ambulance to deliver a baby in Maternity, then later requires a Caesarean section in Surgery, as well as Lab and Pharmacy services, and possibly in the same visit, Paediatrics as well.  The one principle service (giving birth) has generated say 8-12 transactions spread over 6 separate departments.  These distorts the analyses and reduces the value of departmental reports.  We can’t tell where the real pressure points are.

I could create a new field in the database called “Primary Service”, but that would require retraining for all staff and create backward compatibility new files to the older files.

An easier and quicker solution is to create an Excel Marco to do the hard work automatically.  This macro would create a new Primary Service field based on an algorithm I used to process the records once, manually.  Oooooh, that was a long one soothed by all The Goldberg Variations on repeat.

I do not have the skills to create the relevant Excel macro easily.  However I am asking friends and connections on my social networks (Linkedin, this blog, Twitter, Facebook).  To see if anyone who is skilled at Excel Macros would like to help a Third World Hospital without even getting out of their bed!

If you are interested, let me know asap, either directly or by leaving a comment with your email address.  I will then contact you (and remove public showing email addresses).  I will send you the specification and an anonymised sample dataset of just 4200 records.  I have permission from the hospital to issue this anonymised data

Alas, I am offering no money for your skills.  But I am offering you the satisfaction in helping a poor hospital manage itself just that little bit better.  Cool.



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