Trousers Sticking To You Legs

Posted: 18 July 2015 in Business Systems, Haiti
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Your trousers sticking to your legs like cling-film. Travelling to your destination in the back of a wa5fp-em-56lorry (A/C class!).  Dodging the dodgy vehicles and not falling into the open sewers. Deja-vu assails me like the clammy air.  This is Haiti, not Uganda, nor Nepal or Pakistan, but it seems like it.

Bill’s back out travelling again.  This time to northern Haiti, to Cap-Haitien. I am working with Haiti Hospital Appeal to put in new financial management and reporting systems into Hopital Convention Baptiste d’Haiti (HCBH).

The hospital grew beyond being a mere local clinic, immediately after the 2010 Haitian earthquake.  That earthquake killed 250,000 people, but that was far to the south. It took vision, quick action, and collaboration with other players – to bring busloads of people to the north, to this hospital, to set up an emergency spinal rehabilitation unit.  The work has since grown.  There is now a rehabilitation unit and associated sports centre – from which para-Olympians have come. Plus the usual mother and baby services.  But the financial systems have not grown at the same pace till recently. Work has been done and I’m here to push it onto completion.

Haiti and money? Whoa – doesn’t it “go west”?  I hear so, but not in this hospital.  They have systems and checks to keep track of funds.  Indeed, I met a Haiti old hand who had seen the financial reports from the hospital and said they were better than their peers.  Yet the reputation of Haiti in general is such that this hospital needs much better than normal financial reports to give confidence to foreign trusts and foreign governmental aid. And with quite a mix of services, it needs to know what services are making a surplus and what need substantial cross subsidies.

Whiter than white we’ve got to be. Working on financial systems to show that, I’ll happy to do.




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