Was it like this?

Posted: 24 May 2015 in Prisons
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P1140636bWas it like this? Could it be like this? Will it like this? Pentecost. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all men (and it is men in this prison). This morning there was a sniff of it. Not the Full Monty, but a sense of magic in the air, though “magic” is really the wrong word. “Electricity” perhaps. And it was not because it was a rowdy service, with holy rollers shouting as in some wild charismatic service.

It was like this. When we prayed, prisoners entered into it with a still intensity. When we sang, they went for it, much not in tune, but much in mood. When the Chaplain led a quiet meditation instead of the sermon – it was still still still. When we did the readings – ah. The Chaplain had people read Acts 2 in: Slovak, Spanish, English, Polish, Romanian, and read it simultaneously. To replicate what happened in Acts. It was not a racket. It was as an effective symbol as it was nearly two thousand years ago back in old Jerusalem, of God speaking to each and everyone of us, in the language of our heart. And in this prison, there are people from across the world.

So what. So what? Are you kidding! If a group of car thieves, VAT fraudsters, rapists, drug dealers, etc, get God, and get Him seriously, then in future, cars won’t get stolen, VAT not fiddled, people not raped, and drugs unsold. And their wives, partners, children, parents will cry tears of loss and shame no more. I’ll have the God bit and the social benefits together. But if God doesn’t press your buttons, then I’m sure you’ll be happy just for the social benefits.


p.s. Picture is an authorised picture, from another occasion elsewhere, but not long ago.


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