Four Men and Three Futures

Posted: 3 April 2015 in On the Pilgrim's Road, Poems, Understanding Others
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Staring at the death of Life
the end of all I’d hoped for,
has the Light gone for evermore?

When the evidence lies at my feet
that it isn’t going to happen. Do I bleat
“huh, it didn’t really matter after all.”

Four men in a room, one dead, one dying, two bright.
Joe and Nic were vilified, yet glad
Pilate, bitter, cruel and sad.

Three men by a tomb, one dead, two light
with hope. Joe and Nic do not know
the future. Except – the beginning is in sight

One man in a tomb. At present, still dead.
The future is blank for all who have hope.
But – there is a future ahead.

Good/Bad/Ugly Friday 2015

(c) Bill


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