Not Waiting For The Garbage Collectors

Posted: 29 March 2015 in On the Pilgrim's Road, Poems
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“Peace in our time” –certainly wasn’t
“The pound in your pocket” –suddenly was only 86p
“Every child a wanted child” – is still not true
“Homes fit for heroes” – weren’t
“Work-life balance” – remains unbalanced
“I do” – becomes “for now”
“Low fat” – ha ha, means more sugar instead.

But we’re not squatting amongst the broken
Promises, piled around us;
We’re not waiting for the garbage collectors who
Won’t be coming.

Whatever the counterfeit money we are given
Whatever the disillusion served up
We will remain faithful to the Slaughtered Saviour,
In our small way.
And like Thomas, we will head to Jerusalem.



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